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Resources, Skills & Philosophy

At Goodman Realty Group, we are committed to our role as a nationally-recognized leader in environmentally-sustainable real estate concepts. We are dedicated to bringing authentic and enduring value to the communities we are honored to join.










Responsible real estate development is a top priority. 

Our fully vertical development model gives Goodman Realty Group the flexibility to lead or partner in a wide variety of complex development projects, extracting maximum value while minimizing risk. 

We utilize a ground-up approach that synergizes our operational expertise and sophisticated financing solutions with cutting-edge market research and knowledge born from decades of experience. This strategy allows us to identify high-value opportunities that have been missed by our competition – opportunities for your growth and financial success. 

At Goodman Realty Group, we have cultivated a holistic approach to commercial real-estate development – mastering the full spectrum of essential skill sets encompassing: 

Planning / Design / Engineering 

Goodman Realty Group  provides efficiently integrated development expertise for even the most demanding projects. Our planning, design and engineering teams bring decades of experience meeting complex conceptual and schematic design and engineering challengesacross a wide range of properties at every stage of development. 

We are creative, thorough and meticulous in our approach – and always with a tenacious attention to detail. 

Leasing and Marketing

The Property Management division of Goodman Realty Group and its affiliate companies, Pegasus Retail and Pegasus Office, are experienced at delivering dependable, integrated solutions to landlords, tenants and investors alike. 

We Are Innovators 

At Goodman Realty Group, we pride ourselves in the discovery of unrealized value. From the renovation and repositioning of iconic properties such as Hotel Andaluz and Winrock Town Center… to ground-up development projects like Innovate ABQ… to our many acquisitions across retail, office, and hospitality… Goodman Realty Group focuses on unique opportunities with the potential to leverage the experience and skill of the team to generate maximum value and impact. Our long and successful history of innovative thinking means that Goodman Realty Group can take on new or existing projects too complex for most development organizations, and bring them to successful completion. 


At Goodman Realty Group we always strive to be sensitive to the needs of the communities in which we work. A project simply cannot succeed unless the public is served and the quality of life of the people is enhanced. We collaborate closely with local and state governments and community organizations to ensure that the appropriate alignment is established for every project. Development is never viable unless the needs of the community are respected and fulfilled. 

Environmental Commitment

At Goodman Realty Group, we know GREEN. We believe sustainable development is the cornerstone of any successful project. Every property we develop or acquire is chosen precisely because it allows us to follow through on our commitment to environmental responsiveness, resource efficiency and community and cultural sensitivity.