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Environmental Strategies

At Goodman Realty Group, practicing environmentally sustainable business principles is not just a choice, it is our responsibility.

Environmentally sustainable design means cleaner air and water, less waste, and better conservation of resources. It also means reduced operating costs, increased asset value, and improved employee productivity and satisfaction. 

Goodman Realty Group is a leader in environmentally-sustainable real estate concepts. We are dedicated to ensuring that all of our projects employ methods and practices that serve to sustain the environment and positively impact the welfare of the planet and future generations. 

Goodman Realty Group is committed to executing projects that reduce energy consumption through environmentally efficient design and the use of alternative energies. 

  • Hotel Andaluz is LEED Gold Certified and the greenest historic hotel renovation in the nation 
  • Sun Plaza office buildings use thermal storage technology to cool the entire campus 
  • Winrock Town Center produces the majority of its power via solar panels, and we have replaced all ornamental landscaping with organic produce production 

Goodman Realty Group believes that the skillful and strategic management of resources is essential – not merely to protect and preserve the environment – but to guarantee a profitable business endeavor as well.