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A Different Type Of Developer

Goodman Realty Group looks for opportunity where others might not see it, and creates value where others can’t. It’s that simple.

Over the last six decades, Goodman Realty Group has established a track record of realizing value from a wide range of property types in different markets; properties where the team saw opportunities and committed the resources to make them successful. With the ability to acquire, develop, renovate, and redevelop projects across a wide range of property types, the firm has the flexibility to pursue opportunities that others can’t. Coupled with a long-term commitment to adding value to the community, this approach has allowed Goodman Realty Group to build a vibrant and diversified portfolio of properties.

Goodman Realty Group’s development philosophy is based on a core set of principles and strengths.

Unrealized Value – From renovation and repositioning of iconic properties, to ground up development projects, to acquisitions across retail, office, and hospitality, Goodman Realty Group focuses on opportunities with the potential to leverage the experience and skill of the team to generate maximum value and impact. The firm’s long and successful history of innovative thinking means that the Goodman Realty Group can take on new or existing projects that are too complex for most development organizations, and bring them to completion.

Community – Goodman Realty Group’s developments are only as strong as the communities the team works in, and the firm believes our success is due in large part to the investment made in tailoring projects to meet community needs, while ensuring the viability of the work.

The firm works closely with local and state governments and community organizations to ensure that the appropriate alignment is established for every project. As part of a broader commitment to the community, Goodman Realty Group is actively involved in a wide range of charitable activities and community organizations.

Environmental Commitment – Goodman Realty Group believes that sustainable development is essential to a successful project. Every property the firm develops or acquires is evaluated for its potential to reduce emissions, generate energy, and recycle materials and energy. The firm makes significant investments in designing sustainability into both new developments and redevelopment projects. It’s not just the smart thing to do, but also the right thing.