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Debbie Bonsignore

Chief Financial Officer

Debbie Bonsignore is the Chief Financial Officer of Goodman Realty Group. Ms. Bonsignore is an integral part of Goodman Realty Group’s ability to remain one of the most innovative and versatile owners and developers of commercial real estate that has owned, developed, leased and managed over 7,000,000 square feet of properties around the country.

Over 25 years of commercial real estate experience, she has worked with firms around the country on large development projects, including with a California development firm on its portfolio of shopping centers. Ms. Bonsignore also worked for a developer in Chicago whose focus was on upscale condominiums, conversions and office buildings in Illinois and Florida.

As Chief Financial Officer, Ms. Bonsignore is responsible for the financial management and property financing at Goodman Realty Group. She manages new market tax credits, internal revenue bonds, partnerships, tax and investment management. She also directly oversees acquisitions and property dispositions.

As Goodman Realty Group introduces new alternative building technologies, energy conservation measures, and sustainable building materials into its properties, Ms. Bonsignore has taken on the challenge of financing these improvements. She has developed knowledge of the technologies and identified the appropriate financing strategies. She has a solid grasp of the costs and benefits of incorporating sustainability into development.

Ms. Bonsignore holds a bachelor’s degree in business from Arizona State University. Her continuing education includes completion of classes in real estate in California, Illinois, and New Mexico, programs in new market tax credits, commercial site development, real estate finance, accounting, brokerage, and historic developments. Debbie is very knowledgeable in various phases of government programs, financial structuring and financing, including federal energy tax credits, state energy tax credits, historic tax credits and New Market tax credits.

Ms. Bonsignore is also a part of Goodman Realty Group’s objective to add enduring value to the community and works as the treasurer for the Winrock Town Center Tax Incremental Development District Board.